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What is my Buffalo Indian Head Nickel Worth


One of the most frequent questions I receive is how much is my Buffalo Nickel worth.  The answer will depend on several factors, such as the actual date, mint mark and condition of the coin, perceived survival rate and original mintage.  As explained in this article called Why Are Some Coins Worth More Than Others, the value of a coin is NOT determined by the age of a coin.  Many people believe that because something is old, it could and should be quite valuable. With coins, that is usually not the case.

When pricing out Buffalo Nickels, I usually break them down into 3 categories.  They are:

No Date Coins 

These coins have had the date completely worn off.  These coins typically have no numismatic value, which means they have no value over face value, or 5 cents.  One of the flaws of this coin design was that the date was raised on the coin, which made it subject to easy wear.  There is a market for bulk quantities of these coins, but even then, they only sell for 6 or 7 cents per coin.  There are literally millions of these coins in the hands of collectors.  These coins look like this

Partial Date Coins

These are coins that have only a partial date, usually the last two digits so you can still determine actual date.  These coins are usually from the teens and 1920ís.  Most 1930 and newer coins still have the full date.  These coins, unless one happens to be a rare coin also do not have much value.  Typically 15 cents or so per coin.  From a collectors perspective, would you rather have an example of a coin that is not worn and looks new or a coin that is all beat up?  Of course you would want the nicer coin.  Because coins were made to circulate, nicer examples are scarcer thus you have to pay a higher price for them.  Here is an example of a partial date coin.  The "19" is mostly worn.

1928 P Buffalo Nickel Ag3

Full Date Coins Late 1920's and 1930's

When pricing Buffalo Nickel full date coins, I break this down into a few sub categories.  The first is an easy one.  All full date coins from the 1930ís and late 1920ís are worth about 35 cents per coin.  Donít believe it?  Go to ebay and you can buy a roll of these (40 coins) for $20 or so.  Unlike the teens and 1920's, Buffalo Nickel mintages really picked up, so there are many more examples of these dates.

Other Full Date Buffalo Nickels

No date, partial date and coins from the late 1920's and from the 1930's covers about 99% of what most people have in their collections.  The Buffalo Nickel series does have some coins that can be worth well over $100 in circulated condition. Of course, these coins are rare, thus the reason they are worth more.  A couple examples of these are the 1913 S Type II coin in Very Fine condition.  Most of these coins went on to circulate for years so examples in decent shape are hard to come by.

The coin below never circulated and was graded by PCGS, a professional coin grading service.  This coin is worth well over $100

1919 P Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64 Plus 24307464

These are examples of nicer coins.  There are many full date coins in the teens and early 1920's  that are worth maybe a dollar or more.  It just depends.

Basically, the way I price coins that did not fit in the 99% batch is I need the date, mint mark and graded description of the coin to make an estimate.  You may ask, why not just quote a price here.  Well, it is not that simple, there are potentially dozens of variations between date, mint mark and condition and the market can change on a daily basis.

There are a couple of other pricing situations that you should also be aware of.  Any coin with a restored date (simply google "restored buffalo nickels") or that is otherwise cleaned is basically worthless to most collectors and therefore have no value other than face value.  If you have coins of any kind and are looking to sell them, please do NOT clean them.  It will reduce their value.

If you have any Buffalo Nickels, let us know and we will make you an offer.




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