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Kennedy Half Dollars

Kennedy Half Dollars began production in 1964 to replace the Franklin Half Half Dollar.  The Kennedy Half Dollar was immensely popular and hoarded.  The first year, 1964, was the only year the Kennedy Half was made using 90% silver.  From 1965 through 1969, the Kennedy Half was made out of 40% silver.  As all these coins were hoarded, it in effect ended the circulation of the half dollar.  By the time 1971 rolled around and the half dollar was made out of copper clad like the quarter and dime, the public saw little use of the half.  People had become accustomed to using quarters.  Due to the coin being hoarded, there are no rare dates and Kennedy Halves value fluctuates with the price of silver.     Below is a picture of a typical Kennedy Half Dollar.



If you have old silver half dollars and/or Kennedy Halves through 1970, and would like to get a price quote, please contact us for a quick and confidential quote.


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