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Shipping Coins via the Mail

Every day, millions of dollars of collectible coins travel safely through the US mail. In order to ensure the safety of sending your collection to Universal Coin Buyers, please follow these tips.

Depending on the size of your collection, utilizing USPS packaging may work well. Specifically, I am referring to the flat rate priority boxes. These boxes typically have a flat shipping rate and can be used for heavy shipments and can be sent registered mail.

Simply put, I cannot be held responsible to items that do not show up. It is up to the sender to adequately insure your package for the approximate value. If you are unsure of value, please contact us for a rough value

When packaging your coins, you will want to pack the shipping container as tight as possible to prevent any jingling of coins. Use newspapers, plastic bags, cardboard, etc to securely pack your items. Besides not wanting the jingle of coins, make sure that the contents cannot shift around in the box. Again, packing items tight in and around newspaper works well. You want to make sure that inside packages, rolls of coins, sets in folders, albums, plastic holders, etc. do not get damaged.

After you have everything well packed, do not forget to include a list of coins in the package as well as your contact info.

Upon completion of these steps, you will want to use an excess amount of packing tape. This is the clear tape found in the office supply section of any office supply store. This is not scotch tape. Tape the box up very, very, very well. Especially for heavier shipments. A standard flat rate box can be shipped with contents up to 70 pounds. Even though it says that, the cardboard box would never stay intact without an enormous amount of packing tape. Do not spare tape.

As mentioned before, you will want to insure your package for the approximate value. In the unlikely event that something should happen in transit, you will have a claim with the USPS recoup your loss. See USPS INSURANCE SITE . You may also want to add tracking or signature conformation, but that is up to you. While most flat rate packages arrive in 2-3 days, I have experienced packages that for some unknown reason took up to 21 days. While rare, it does occur.

Many times I have had customers tell me that the postal worker will kiddingly ask the USPS customer what is in the box. This happens when a simple looking small box ends up weighing 50 pounds and the postal worker is often shocked when they try to pick it up. You are not under any obligation to say they are coins. Simply say something like “Metal Parts”. No sense advertising to the postal worker or anyone else around you, that you have old coins.


We are Buying The Following



Flying Eagle Cents

Indian Head Cents

Wheat Cents (Lincoln Cents)

Lincoln Memorial Cents



Shield Nickels

Liberty Nickels

Buffalo Nickels

Jefferson Nickels 1938-1959


Silver Dimes

Seated Liberty Dimes

Barber Dimes

Mercury Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964


Silver Quarters


Seated Liberty Quarters

Barber Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarters

Washington Quarters 1932-1964


Silver Half Dollars


Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Barber Halves

Walking Liberty Halves

Franklin Halves

Kennedy Halves 1964-1970


Silver Dollars


Peace Dollars

Morgan Dollars

Trade Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars







We also buy the Following

Half Cents

Large Cents

Two Cent Pieces

Three Cent Pieces

Half Dimes

Twenty Cent Pieces

US Mint Issued Commemorative Coins

Silver Bullion Coins

Paper Money

Foreign Coins and Notes

Mint Sets

Proof Sets



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