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Inheriting a Coin Collection

I just inherited a collection and have no idea what it is worth. Can you help?

That is one of the most common questions we get. All too often, someone inherits a coin collection and the receivers have no idea what to do with it. Many panic and end up selling at a yard sale somewhere else without realizing the full value of what they have. We realize that many people who inherit collections do not have the time or desire to figure out what they have. Thatís where we can be of service.

To give you an estimate of value, you can provide us a list of what you have and we can provide an estimate. If you do not have time, you can pack it all up and we will provide you with a value/offer to buy. Our service is quick and simple. Pack up the coins (how to pack coins) and let us do the work for you. We will give you a fair estimate of value and offer to buy. If you do not like our offer, we simply send the whole collection back to you. Really, it is that simple. This provides a nice low-pressure opportunity to weigh your options.

How much are my coins worth?

This is another common question. Despite what any book, magazine, etc will say, your coins are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Often, some sellers will determine that the collection is worth more to them that what the market will offer.



We are Buying The Following



Flying Eagle Cents

Indian Head Cents

Wheat Cents (Lincoln Cents)

Lincoln Memorial Cents



Shield Nickels

Liberty Nickels

Buffalo Nickels

Jefferson Nickels 1938-1959


Silver Dimes

Seated Liberty Dimes

Barber Dimes

Mercury Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964


Silver Quarters


Seated Liberty Quarters

Barber Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarters

Washington Quarters 1932-1964


Silver Half Dollars


Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Barber Halves

Walking Liberty Halves

Franklin Halves

Kennedy Halves 1964-1970


Silver Dollars


Peace Dollars

Morgan Dollars

Trade Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars







We also buy the Following

Half Cents

Large Cents

Two Cent Pieces

Three Cent Pieces

Half Dimes

Twenty Cent Pieces

US Mint Issued Commemorative Coins

Silver Bullion Coins

Paper Money

Foreign Coins and Notes

Mint Sets

Proof Sets



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