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How Much is my Dateless Buffalo Nickel Worth?

Despite this nickel being at least 75 years old, if the nickel has no date, it is likely worth only 5 cents.  Dateless Buffalo Nickels carry little numismatic value.  One reason is that if you do not know the date, how can you determine value?  The 2nd reason is that there are millions and I do mean millions of dateless Buffalo Nickels.  One of the flaws of this wonderful design is that the date was raised on the coin, which means that is wore off very quickly.  Many people do buy dateless nickels and will "treat" them with various chemicals to get the date to appear.  Because the metal where the date was is more dense due to the pressure of the strike using an acid type treatment will eat away the metal of the coin around the date and will therefore reveal the date of the coin.  Many "rare" and earlier date nickels are "found" this way, but, because they are not original, they are worth a fraction of an original coin.  Any dealer can tell can tell if a coin has been acid treated/restored.  Please see, What Makes a Coin Valuable?


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